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We have developed a photocatalytic technology for the control and elimination of ethylene (responsible for the ripening of fruit and vegetables) which allows for better preservation of fruit and vegetables and can be implemented in two ways:

  1. The implementation of an air control system directly in the fruit and vegetable sales area through a system of hoods that filter the air and abate ethylene;
  2. The installation of devices in fruit and vegetable storage cells and warehouses (especially for “climacteric” fruits that have the highest ethylene emission).

Our technology provides countless benefits like : 

  • UNIQUE – The only filter on the market that can be applied directly in the fruit and vegetable department of supermarkets.
  • SUSTAINABLE – 30% less waste and reduced storage emissions.
  • EFFICIENT – The KtV filter allows significant savings in the handling of fruit and vegetables, extending their shelf life. It is no longer necessary to move goods to the refrigerated counters at the end of the day.
  • ECONOMICAL – The KtV filter requires little maintenance and has negligible power consumption. It allows fruit and vegetables to be stored at higher temperatures (energy saving).
  • ECOLOGICAL – No use of chemicals. The method is compatible with “BIO” production.
  • SAFE – No UV emissions. No decomposition wastes. Only infinitesimal emission of carbon dioxide and water vapour.
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