This air sanitizer very suitable ambulances and refrigerated vehicles for the transportation of perishable goods.

Recommended for ambulances, refrigerated vehicles for the transport of perishable goods and other special vehicles with a constant need for high levels of sanitisation. It can also be installed in the passenger compartment of vehicles such as cars and taxis where air quality is in constant need of renewal.
BORA 50 is a robust yet lightweight device that efficiently and safely sanitises the air in the presence of humans. It is compact, quiet and energy efficient.
The KtV filter located inside it filters the air using the process of photocatalysis, which absorbs and converts light energy into free radicals. The radicals destroy viruses, bacteria, allergens and other pollutants. Thanks to its composition, the KtV filter accelerates the natural process of photocatalysis up to 20 times, enhancing its effectiveness.
This process takes place continuously, keeping the air constantly sanitised.The KtV filter is protected by a dust filter, which preserves its proper functioning by preventing it from becoming dirty.
BORA does not use chemicals and does not produce ozone or other toxic gases.
It can also be installed in vehicle cabins such as cars and taxis where the air quality needs to be continuously refreshed.
BORA does not use chemical substances, does not produce ozone or any other poison gas. Inside it, “ KtV” filter is applied, through which the airflow goes once inhaled from the environment, the air goes then back out after the treatment: by continuing in this operation the air is constantly inhaled, sanitized, and returned to the environment.


  • Model: Bora 50
  • Capacity: 50 m3/h
  • Consumption: 18W
  • Power Supply: 12 Vdc
  • Lamp Life: 40.000 h
  • Dimensions (mm): 165 x 150 x 75
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Maintenance: Dust filter backwash with scheduled maintenance


  • Minimal maintenance
  • Negligible power consumption
  • No employment of chemical products
  • No UV rays produced from the device
  • No decomposition waste, only an infinitesimal emission of CO2 and water vapor
  • Logos on the side confirm the product quality
  • Suitable for areas up to 17m2 (with an average height of 3m)