This Italian Masterpiece is Specifically designed for lifts of capacities (4 to 20 Person). It is a compact wall-mounted device that efficiently and safely sanitizes the air in the presence of humans.

The device is equipped with the needed wiring to connect to the Lift power line. Dust filter can be maintained by removing 6 “Torx” screws.

The KtV filter located inside it filters the air using the process of photocatalysis, which absorbs and converts light energy into free radicals. The radicals destroy viruses, bacteria, allergens and other pollutants. Thanks to its composition, the KtV filter accelerates the natural process of photocatalysis up to 20 times, enhancing its effectiveness.
This process takes place continuously, keeping the air constantly sanitised.

The KtV filter is protected by a dust filter, which preserves its proper functioning by preventing it from becoming dirty.
ESPERO LIFT does not use chemicals and does not produce ozone or other toxic gases.

Thanks to the KtV filter, the cabin air is completely sanitised in just 2.4 minutes (average time in a lift).


  •   Power Supply: 24 V/DC-AC
  •   Wiring Connection includes: 2 to power supply

    + 2 to Relay + ground cable

  •   Max. Consumption: 18W (FAN max speed)
  •   2 Fan Speed Levels (MIN. and MAX.) managed

    by the Relay

  •   Nominal Air Flow at High Speed 100 m3/h c.a.
  •   ON/OFF backlight button
  •   Easy Access for Filter Maintenance
  •   Washable and Replaceable Dust Filter
  •   Noise Level: 42 dBA at High Speed
  •   Dimensions (mm): (L) 200 x (W) 125 x (H)


  •   2 Year Warranty