Educational Institutions


The issue of air quality in confined spaces and, even more, in schools, is a decisive aspect of both protecting the health of students and ensuring good concentration and learning. Reducing pollution levels by 20 % in classrooms can improve students’ memory by up to 6 %.

In particular, the health emergency caused by Covid 19 and the way the virus is transmitted, mainly by air, further indicates the need for an effective air treatment process. This may be one of the decisive elements, especially if correctly coordinated with the other measures envisaged by the ISS protocols, to guarantee the performance of educational activities while reducing the risk of contagion.

Nanohub has patented an innovative air filtration technology that – tested in the Viral Pathogenesis and Biosecurity laboratory at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan specifically for the SARS-CoV-2 virus strain – reduced the infectious load by 98.2% after 10 minutes of operation, to 100% after 30 minutes.

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