About Us

About Us


NANOHUB is an innovative start-up. From the experience and skills of our team, we aim at developing solutions based on the use of innovative nano-materials for the well-being of people and the protection and conservation of the environment.

These solutions are mainly used in the following fields of application:

  • Indoor air treatment
  • Surface treatment of buildings and casings
  • Food preservation
  • Water treatment

Nanohub’s ongoing research has led to the patenting of the innovative KtV (Kill the Virus) filter, which speeds up the natural process of photocatalysis by up to 20 times, eliminating viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.

IN THE FIELD FOR THE COVID19 EMERGENCY  – In a context of health emergency linked to the spread of COVID19, research and development activities focused on the creation of a new filter/filtration system consisting of a metal mesh photocatalytic reactor on which was deposited a photocatalyst based on tungsten trioxide (WO3) and a fabric filter that allows improving the effectiveness on bacterial and viral loads.

This new KtV filter was tested for the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID19); the test showed the efficacy on the inactivation of the virus: in 10 minutes the infectious viral load of SARS-CoV-2 was inactivated by over 98.2%; in 20 minutes of more than 99.8%. After 30 minutes, the virus was completely inactivated.

The reliability of the San Raffaele Hospital test was verified by SIMA (Italian Society of Environmental Medicine), which deemed NANOHUB devices worthy of the SIMA VERIFIED mark.

NANOHUB devices equipped with the KtV filter have multiple uses:

A) mechanical air treatment suitable for any indoor environment:

  1. Within existing air treatment systems
  2. Ceiling and false ceiling installation
  3.  With and without (stand-alone) installation.

B) Air treatment of means of transport (buses, trains, ships, cars, minivans, special vehicles such as ambulances and cold transport vehicles)

C) storage of fruit and vegetables in supermarkets and large-scale distribution

NANOHUB’s patented KtV filter significantly improves the air quality of indoor environments with a process that is:

  • SAFE FOR HUMANS AND ANIMALS – not using ozone, UV light or chemicals it can operate continuously in the presence of people and animals.
  • CLEAN – no toxic substances are used or released
  • ECONOMICAL – thanks to low energy consumption and no maintenance costs
  • SUSTAINABLE – the KtV filter has eternal life, it does not wear out over time
  • EFFECTIVE – against viruses, bacteria, spores and allergens and tested by prestigious laboratories and universities


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